Secure The Bag: Steph Curry Signs Contract Extension Worth $201M; Richest Contract In The NBA

Golden State Warrior’s Stephen Curry has 201 million reasons to smile these days. The two time MVP and NBA champion just inked a contract extension with the Warriors worth $201 million dollars. (*Clutching my chest). There was speculation during the season involving Curry possibly leaving the Bay Area for his hometown Charlotte to join The Hornets. Well we can now see that the possibility will never be explored, as Curry is in it for long haul as a Golden State Warrior.

via ESPN

Curry, 29, is the first NBA star who will sign for the supermax contract, the crossing of a $200 million threshold that eventually will become the norm for the NBA’s biggest superstars.

An eight-year veteran, Curry has been the foundational star for the Warriors, who won their second NBA championship in three years earlier in June.


The Warriors point guard had been on a four-year, $44 million contract, an extension that he signed when there were grave concerns about the sturdiness of his ankles.

Curry, a four-time All Star, finished the regular season averaging 25.3 points per game. He has led the league in 3-point field goals for a record five straight seasons.

What do you think about the current upscale of bigger salary caps in the NBA right now? More and more money is coming in and NBA players are receiving bigger paychecks as the leagues continues to expand and grow. What are your thoughts on it? Sound off in the comments.

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