Grindr Faces Lawsuit For Alleged Rape and Murder Charges

The popular gay dating app known as Grindr is being sued by a member who says that thanks to them, he now loves a life of paranoia and unrest. New York actor Mathew Herrick claims that an ex partner (whom he met on the site) began use Herrick’s photos to catfish others. According to Herrick, the former love interest has even gone as far as inviting aggressive suitors to his home who’ve tried to rape and kill him on several occasions. 

Last week, a crazed suitor entered Herrick’s home and attacked his roommate when asked to leave. 

With the address to both his home and workplace now in the hands of aggressive pursuers, Herrick has been growing increasingly uncomfortable. 


Via TMZ: 

“The incidents have caused Herrick significant distress, who said he is in ‘a constant state of hyper-vigilance, afraid that Grindr has been used to incite or seduce the wrong person – somebody who will make good on threats to attack or rape [me].’

He also stated that he has previously logged 50 complaints to Grindr about the fake accounts and filed 14 police reports, but nothing came of them.  “


Sheesh! Y’all be careful out here. 

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