Grizzlies’ Mike Conley Claps Back at Haters Saying His Son is “Too White” to be His

Grizzlies point guard, #MikeConley clapped back at haters on social media saying his son is “too white” to be his. 

After pictures of his son, Myles Alex Conley, hit the net, people had some questions. One twitter user said:

“Mr. Nice Guy Mike Conley at it again. He stayed with his wife after she cheated on him and had another man’s baby.”

Another twitter user replied saying:

“this n*gga in the sunken place B.”

Conley nicely replied to all the haters, on Instagram, with a a few pictures of his son and a caption that read:

“My little guy. #blueeyes #runsinthefam #imNOTthatnice.”

Welp. Leave Conley and his family alone. 

My little guy #BlueEyes #runsinthefam #imNOTthatnice 😂✌️

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