We Attended Breakaway Music Festival & This Is What Happened

You haven’t really experienced a music festival until you’ve attended a festival put on by Prime Social Group. After the  experience I’ve had this past weekend, let me tell you why.

Making the trip to Grand Rapids, MI to attend the first day of Breakaway Music Festival on Aug. 25, I thought I knew what to expect. Within the first couple of minutes, I realized I was mistakenin a good way, might I add.  

Breakway Music Festival / Photo Credit: Justin Woods / Dojo Photography

A festival time beginning at 2 p.m., and concluding roughly around 11 p.m. each day, were normal lengths for a festival. The ability of festival goers to withstand the entire time length with the most upbeat energy, however, was not. This was expected early on, when producer and DJ, Bro Safari, hit the stage. Fast forward to R.L. Grime’s set a couple of hours later, the vibes  surprisingly grew even better.

With sets of this sort, a certain type of vibe is required to foster a certain type of atmosphere. So, if you’ve never experienced the set of a DJ who takes the stage to solely mix some of the hottest tracks of your favorite artists—let me describe it for you, so you can understand why.

Imagine an artist coming to the stage to perform their own hits with their DJ accompanying them. Now imagine the DJ without the artist, plus remixes of that artists’ songs along with a variety of other songs. Then add the element of dope graphics, confetti, along with the mixture of other celebratory items. This combination plus the incredible mixes makes people go just as insane as they would if the actual artists were present. My personal favorite DJ of the night, R.L. Grime, had the crowd going crazy. The audience was losing its mind, banging their heads to a point where I overheard one festival goer say, “I think I just broke my neck” to another attendee. That surely didn’t hold her back, as she proceeded to do so again seconds later, and throughout the entire remainder of the night.


Waka Flocka Flame / Photo Credit: Justin Woods / Dojo Photography

Although unexpected, it’s safe to say the same high-level energy vibes continued all day long, especially during Waka Flocka Flame’s set. He performed hits like Round of Applause, No Hands (feat. Roscoe Dash & Wale), and more—but Hard In Da Paint clearly did something to the crowd and BrickSquad’s, Loudiene. While connecting audience members, something Loudiene had no trouble with, he locked lips with one of the women attending. Moments like this are what the crowd lived for, immediately sharing them via social media. BrickSquad’s ability to make the crowd go wild with champagne showers and more was apparent. From there,  it was clear he was the perfect ingredient in priming everyone for the remaining night’s sets.

Travis Scott / Photo Credit: Justin Woods / Dojo Photography

As the festival came to a close, it was clear the most anticipated set of the night was Travis Scott’s. Almost everyone of Breakaway chanted the artist’s name, urging him to hit the stage. I understood why once the Houston artist and producer appeared, because he did not turn down. Of all great things that were unexpected at Breakaway, with hits like Goosebumps and Antidote, Scott’s set was nothing short of lit, and the crowd’s engagement was literal proof. At one point, the artist even allowed a festival goer on stage. Prior to, Travis stopped the entire show to instruct security to step away from the fan trying to make his way on stage. He later regretted his decision after the fan decided to take the opportunity to crowd surf by jumping from the stage to the crowd. As a performer who has a history of taking his shows extremely serious, he grew slightly upset, got over it, and proceeded to give everyone the show they came for. Even after an encore, fans were in denial that his set had ended, leaving them to sadly conclude day one of Breakaway Music Festival was a wrap. Until next time at least.

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