Ice Cube To Appear On Bill Maher’s ‘Real Time’ To Discuss Host’s N-Word Mishap

Bill Maher’s next episode of ‘Real Time” set to air on Friday will definitely be interesting.

According to TMZ, Ice Cube, rapper turned actor, is still scheduled to appear on the show. Word has it that Cube is ready and plans to discuss Maher’s recent “house n*gger” joke that has sparked controversy in the last week.

The dialogue between the HBO host and rapper is most certainly a conversation not to be missed, especially in light of Cube’s liberal use of the n-word in his music over the years.

While Cube will be in attendance for the show’s next episode, TMZ reports that Senator Al Franken decided to cancel his appearance after Bill Maher’s joke┬ásnafu.

Last Friday, Maher publicly joked that he was a “house n*gger” in response to guest Senator Ben Sasse in a conversation where the senator urged the comedian to “work in the fields” for his state, Nebraska.

In light of the remark causing media backlash, Maher apologized for his comment, calling his joke “offensive.”

Are you here for the upcoming episode? We’ll be watching with popcorn in hand.





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