Is Rihanna Pregnant? The Internet Apparently Thinks So…

After pictures of #Rihanna looking thicker than a snicker surfaced, the Internet went buzzing about her being allegedly pregnant. 

Although Rihanna has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors, that didn’t stop fans from declaring her pregnancy all over social media. One fan said “the b*tch is pregnant, this is all of our baby.” 

Another fan made an entire thread on twitter, showcasing recent pictures of Rih to prove her point that she may be pregnant. 

Other fans have shot down the rumor, saying that Rihanna was just smoking and drinking in Cannes, so how could she be pregnant? 

I need receipts. We can’t just say the woman is pregnant because she got a little thicker. “Who is the baby father” would be the most important question because we haven’t seen Rih with anyone since Drake. Everyone should just keep their conspiracy theories about Rih’s pregnancy to a minimum until she makes an official announcement.  Take a look at what twitter had to say about her “pregnancy.”

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