It’s A Wrap: Fox News Fires Bill O’Reilly Amid Sexual Harrasment Claims

Its official! Fox News is releasing cable news host Bill O’Reilly after his alleged sexual harassment allegations. 

Media mogul and owner of Fox News Rupert Murdoch has reportedly ended O’Reilly’s 21 year old run with the network and, is preparing to announce his departure from the network before he returns from vacation on April 24. 


According to New York Magazine, on Wednesday morning executives were holding emergency meetings to discuss how to professonially get rid of O’Reilly. On Thursday, Fox News’ and 21st Century Fox are scheduled to go over the matter in great detail. O’Reilly recently signed a multiyear contract worth more than $20 million per year, but the problem is when Roger Ailes left Fox News last summer, the Murdoch’s paid out $40 million, which is the remainder of his contract. To top it off, Fox is trying to figure out if O’Reilly will be able to say his final goodbyes to his loyal fans. 

Via NY Magazine:

Fox news wants the transition to be seamless. Executives are currently debating possible replacement hosts. Names that have been discussed include Eric Bolling, Dana Perino, and Tucker Carlson, who would move from his successful 9 p.m. slot and create a need for a new host at that time.

The Murdoch’s decision to dump O’Reilly shocked many Fox News staffs I’ve spoken to in recent days. Late last week, the feeling inside was that Rupert Murdoch would prevail over his son James, who lobbied to jettison the embattled host. It’s still unclear exactly how the tide turned. According to one source, Lachlan Murdoch’s wife helped convince her husband that O’Reilly needed to go, which moved Lachlan into James corner. The source added that senior executives at other divisions within the Murdoch empire have complained if O’Reilly’s allegations had happened to anyone else at their companies, that person would be gone already!” 

See ya, Bill!

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