It’s Homecoming Season! We Got You Covered With a List of Do’s and Dont’s for Every HBCU

It is officially homecoming season! Before you send that “hey big head” text to your old boo from freshman year, check out our list of do’s and dont’s so you can have a great time at your school’s homecoming!

1. Don’t: respond to any “hey big head” DM’s from your old college boos

Yes, Jaquan from sophomore year is still fine 10 years later. But guess what? You’re married now. Ignore the “hey big head” texts and DM’s sis because they don’t want anything but a quickie.

2. Don’t: turn up too much

Remember that you are not that 21-year-old college student anymore. We can’t party 3 days in a row and turn up off the henny like we used to. Please keep that in mind when you’re enjoying the alumni parties and events.

3. Do: Purchase all party tickets in advance

Purchase any tickets for the parties before you head to homecoming. Don’t be that one friend without a ticket when the event sells out. Be prepared.

4. Do: Take the day off after homecoming

Trust me you will need time to recover. Taking that extra day off of work will help you get your life together.

5. Don’t: Act a fool

Homecoming is for everyone to come back together and have a great time. Don’t be that one person who turns up too much and can’t hold their liquor. Next thing you know, they’re fighting somebody they didn’t like freshman year when “Knuck of you Buck” comes on. Smh.

6. Don’t: break any fraternity or sorority stroll line

Ain’t nothing change. If you got pushed out the way because you stepped in front of the Que stroll in undergrad, that may still happen at homecoming. Please move. 

7. Do: Network

Catch up with old faces. Find out what everyone has been doing and see if anyone could benefit you in your line of work. Homecoming is the perfect place to network with other black professionals. 

8. Don’t: Wear Heels to the yard/tailgate

Usually the yard is turnt on Saturday while the game is going on. Sis, don’t wear heels. You could be there ALL DAY and nobody wants to hear you complain that your feet hurt. Save the heels for the parties.

9. Do: Leave With the Friends You Came With

Don’t let your drunk homegirl leave the club with anyone. If you come to the parties together, leave together. Trust me, they will thank you in the morning. 

10. Don’t: Drink and Drive

DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!!!!!  I cannot stress that enough. Please take a Uber or lyft to any party that you are going to. We don’t need anyone getting hurt or even worse, killed, because of a stupid decision. Each group of friends should have a designated driver.

11. Do: HAVE FUN!

You’re here for a good time not a long time! Have a lit, but safe, weekend with your friends. Enjoy this time away from the office and let loose. Make sure you take lots of videos and pics so that you can look back on them throughout the year until the next homecoming season comes along. 

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