Jada Pinkett Smith Elaborates On ‘All Eyez On Me’ Film: “I Just Felt Like It Was Tomb-Raiding In Regards To Pac”

In case you missed it, Jada Pinkett Smith was not here for the portrayal of her and Tupac’s relationship in ‘All Eyez On Me.’ 

After the film’s release in June, the actress shared how hurtful the depiction of their relationship was via Twitter. 

The tweets obviously showed her sentiments on the biopic, but Jada also sat down with Atlanta’s V-103 for The Ryan Cameron Morning Show With Wanda Smith where she elaborated a bit more about the film. 

Jada first cleared the air by explaining her intentions were never to discourage people from going to view the film, while on the show for her latest film, ‘Girls Trip.’ 

“What you’re seeing in regards to my relationship with 2Pac is not true, and that was important to me because my relationship was really special. It was very complicated. I just felt like it was a huge disservice.”

Not only did she feel hurt about the way they were portrayed, but also how Tupac was individually illustrated.

“Really through my relationship with Pac would have shown people a true—what he truly was. ‘Cause it’s one thing to see Pac’s persona, publicly, and who he was personally,” she said.

She then went on to explain her relationship with the people who helped get the portrayal to the big screen. 

“What made it even more painful is those guys know me. Those cold black dudes know me. We’ve done business together.” 

Although she says they could have come to her, she also stated that doesn’t quite mean she would have been on board to participate; but as a whole, she viewed the film as disrespectful. 

“I thought it was just handled in a very disrespectful way, and I felt like it was exploitive of me and Pac, how they used our relationship to sell a movie, and I just felt like it was tomb-raiding in regards to Pac,” she continued.

She also emphasized how the black community, especially, should treat biopics more seriously when telling stories so dear—it shouldn’t be about money, but about the legacy. 

“And if you’re really saying that you’re honoring a man’s legacy, then honor his legacy. And if you don’t have the story, fall back until you do,” she chastised. “I feel like we, as black people, we have got to protect those individuals that we say are important to us, to our history and to our culture. We cannot expect other people to do that if we’re not willing to do that ourselves. Pac is precious to us.”

Check out the full response in the video below (17:20):  

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