Jay-Z And Several Celebs Agree To Headline Clinton’s Get-Out-The-Vote Events

Hillary Clinton has decided that defeat is not an option! She now has the “Roc” behind her campaign as founder Jay-z has agreed to headline her get-out-the-vote concert in Cleveland before the presidential election.

The rapper’s involvement is specifically aimed to encourage young black voters to get to the polls in Clinton’s favor, considering that they’re her weakest demographic of supporters. And, she’s not stopping there. Clinton is pulling out all the stops by enlisting several other A-listers to rally millennials as well.

It is already confirmed that Rocker Bon Jovi will headline Pittsburgh on Thursday, Jenifer Lopez will be heating things up in Miami on October 29, The National will take Cincinnati on November 2nd, and Katy Perry will headline a Philadelphia event on November 6.

These powerhouse celebs are coming for Trump at full force. Miley Cyrus even found herself going door-to-door this past weekend at George Mason University in Virginia to encourage students to stand behind Clinton, and Katy Perry did the same at University of Nevada-Las Vegas.

Clinton’s aides expect that the scheduled events, especially Jay-z’s Cleveland concert, will draw thousands and mobilize millennials to make the right decision this election.


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