Jill Scott Reveals That Harvey Weinstein Was ‘Nasty’ and ‘Rude’ To Her During Her Pregnancy

Jill Scott has joined the more than a dozen of Hollywood women that have spoken up on being sexually harassed by Miramax co-founder, Harvey Weinstein.

“When I met Harvey Weinstein, he was RUDE. In the NASTIEST tone he said ‘Who told you to get pregnant?!’ And rolled his eyes in disgust,” the singer-songwriter, 45, wrote on Twitter Friday.

Scott continued, “I stayed away from him after. Who acts that way towards a pregnant woman?? Power to all the women bullied by assholes. Power in general.”

Scott also tweeted, “What’s true is there are stories I will never tell publicly. I have my reasons and peace in those areas.”

Scott’s testimony comes after actress Lupita Nyong’o shared her terrible experience with Weinstein in an op-ed for The New York Times. In the piece, the Black Panther star detailed an incident in which Weinstein requested a massage from Nyong’o in his bedroom.

More than a dozen women within Hollywood have come forward revealing instances of sexual harassment and assault at the hands of Weinstein. The movie executive has reportedly been terminated from his own company and is now being investigated by the LAPD.

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