JUST IN: Kobe Bryant’s Memorabilia Stolen From Lower Merion High School

“You are really dumb, FOR REAL”

Looks like several items from future NBA Hall of Famer, Kobe Bryant’s high school, Lower Merion High were stolen over the weekend.

According to Philly.com,

“Sometime Sunday evening, the lock was broken on a display case, known to students at “Kobe’s Shrine,” outside the Bryant Gymnasium. Among the items stolen were framed replica of Bryant’s Lower Merion jersey, the Aces’ 1996  PIAA Boys Basketball State Championship trophy and net from the title game, and several pairs of Nike sneakers signed by the Lakers superstar.”

The schools states that the items that were stolen were replica and at no value compared to the real jersey and other items.

Lower Merion High’s Director of Community Relations, Doug Young says,

“I’m not sure what someone would do with a state championship trophy. For us, the items are important because they represent some really wonderful memories.”

Sad that this happened to the school and the items weren’t even the real deal. Think about the kids, man! Glad the school wasn’t that foolish to display the real worn jersey of a superstar for any and everyone to take so easily. Hopefully the items will be return and the thieves will get their day in court. Wonder what Kobe has to say about this, I’m sure it’s nothing nice.

Photo Cred: Charles Fox/Philly.com 

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