JUST IN: Zach Randolph Arrested In L.A. For Felony Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Sell

Newly inquired Sacramento Kings forward, Zach Randolph, was arrested in the city of Los Angeles Wednesday night and things got out of control fast. Randolph, 36, was charged with the possession of marijuana with the intent to sell. At the arresting scene, in a video, a man tapes the police cars involved with some broken windows. In the video, a man states, “F*ck the police!”

According to TMZ,

LAPD officers were called to the Nickerson Gardens area in L.A. around 10 PM — and when they arrived, cops found a large crowd of people smoking, playing loud music and blocking the roadway.

Law enforcement sources tell us 3 people were seen grabbing their waistbands and running — so cops went after them.

Three people were detained — including Randolph, who was eventually arrested for possession of marijuana with intent to sell, A FELONY. We’re told the “intent to sell” part was due to the large amount of weed found.

During the arrest, a crowd became “unruly” and the LAPD had to called for back up. The crowd of people allegedly vandalized more than 5 LAPD cars, slashed tires, and busted windows. The police recovered 2 guns, cash, drugs, and several cars were impounded. As of now, the only possession that belonged to Randolph was the marijuana. Randolph was booked into the LA jail and bail is set at $20,000.

The 2-time NBA All-star signed a two-year, $24 million contract with the Kings over the offseason. Randolph, who has been the face of the Memphis Grizzles has risen over the years as one of the leagues top forwards. Very disappointed to see him go out like this with a felony!

Photo cred: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

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