Justin Timberlake Not “Under Review” For Voting Poll Selfie

The presidential election this year has been driving all of us crazy and made voting a nonnegotiable! We all have been encouraging others to do their part and so has Justin Timberlake who recently flicked it up at the polls in a selfie on Instagram. Reports have it that JT’s harmless selfie could have landed him in some hot water!

Apparently, Tennessee, Justin’s hometown and voting location, prohibits voters from photos and recording in designated voting rooms, according to a law passed in 2015.

Yet, Justin is NOT “under review” at the moment contrary to reports. But typically, violators are subject to 30 days in jail and a $50 fine. Looks like the “Cry Me A River” singer might have dodged a quick one.

The elections board official from the singer’s voting site is reportedly even against the jail time, saying that Justin was simply “inspiring people to get out and vote.”

If you have never heard of this law before, ballot selfie laws vary upon location. As of now, Hawaii, Virginia, and Louisiana are now sticklers for the ban. While in New York, Florida, and Alaska, keepsake pics are deemed illegal.

As voters, we all should be cognizant of our voting locations and know what they allow. Every vote counts!

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