Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Issues Letter to NFL Urging Teams to Sign Kaepernick or Face Boycotts

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated has had enough of the unfair treatment against one of its members, #ColinKaepernick. 

In a letter sent to NFL commissioner, Roger Goddell, Kappa Alpha Psi’s Grand Polemarch, Thomas Battles Jr., is urging the league to give teams an “all clear” on signing Kaepernick. The letter says:

To our knowledge, Mr. Kaepernick has not broken any laws, he has not been accused of breaking any laws, and he is not under investigation by the League for allegedly breaking any laws. As such, this is a letter of support for our fraternity brother and an appeal to the Office of the Commissioner to right the wrongs, spoken and unspoken, that find Mr. Kaepernick, a recent NFC Champion, blackballed solely for exercising his Constitutional right to free speech.

Mr. Battles continues:

The start of any new NFL season is one of hope, promise and opportunity for owners, players and fans alike. Unfortunately, we are concerned that without a clear and unmistakable signal from the League Office that an equitable resolution to Mr. Kaepernick’s plight (not to mention other pending disciplinary decisions by the League) must come quickly, the growing public calls for boycotts of NFL games, the NFL Network, League merchandise, and League sponsors will become louder and bolder. The economic impact alone will be significant. The distraction before, during and after NFL games about the so-called “Kaep Watch”, already a story line in its own right, will become even more pronounced as the many teams overlooking Mr. Kaepernick’s talents and skills struggle at the quarterback position on the field.

To these ends, we urge the League Office to issue a public statement signaling an “all clear” around team efforts to work out or negotiate with Mr. Kaepernick. To the extent any facilitation is needed, Kappa Alpha Psi hereby offers its services, pro bono, to ensure a long overdue, constructive dialogue returns one of the League’s best and the brightest to the gridiron.

I, for one, am boycotting this season if Kaepernick is not signed. The league is sending black people a message: shut up and play. They don’t care about things going on in the world that don’t directly affect them. How can men who beat their wives and get accused of sexual assault play and a man who stood up for justice of minorities can’t? Goddell better think long and hard about this situation before the boycotts become louder and bolder. 

Read the full letter below: 

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