Kardashian’s Dash Store Sued For Discriminating Against Blind People

Written by Ashley_Janice|| Things aren’t looking too good for the Kardashians, as their Dash store refuses to do business with the blind. Might sound unbelievable but, it’s true. Reportedly, Andres Gomez whom is legally blind tried to buy some merchandise from the famously Kardashian clothing store, when he was refused. In lieu to Gomez being legally blind he uses screen reader software to access the internet. So to his surprisement when he tried to access Dash store’s website, it continually came up empty.

According to TMZ, Gomez says “the site contains barriers and Dash is well aware but refuses to fix it.” While Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney names have not been named defendants in this particular suit, Gomez does raise a good question as to why the store continues to discriminate against the visually impaired.

Gomez is also accusing the store of violating the American with Disabilities Act because, Dash’s website fails to sync with his screen reader software and provides no other access for blind customers. Gomez added, that he is presently suing to get Dash’s website to comply with federal law, and also wants a few coins thrown in his direction.


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