[VIDEO] Kash Doll Plays the Roles of Wife and Side Chick in Premier of New Video “For Everybody”

Detroit rapper Kash Doll is on the rise and may have a hit with her new single and visual “For Everybody.” In the new track, Kash Doll plays the roles of both wife and mistress having a heated telephone conversation over the triflin’ man they’ve been sharing.

In this new era of proud side chicks, you hear Kash Doll ‘the mistress’ slings insults and proudly details sexual encounters she’s had with the wife’s husband. Kash Doll ‘the wife’ is clearly in denial about her man’s extracurricular actives and essentially blames the other woman instead of addressing her lying, cheating husband. By the end of the song; however, both women realize that  this man ain’t s**t and their anger is redirected to the person who put them in the predicament to begin with. If the visuals look familiar, that’s because they’re reminiscent of the notorious blue-light bedroom scene from Belly. 

In an interview with Fader, Kash Doll provided insight to what inspired her to put the wife vs. side chick showdown in a song.

“I wanted to tell a story that both types of women (wife and mistress) can relate to,” she said. “At the end of the day it’s not either one of women’s fault, it’s the man’s fault. They are both arguing about a position that he gave away and both women make good points. This is how I came up with the title for the song ‘For Everybody’, which means the man is for everybody.”

The exotic dancer turned rapper got her first taste of success in 2014 after remixing Tinashe’s ‘2 On’. The song earned her a spot of Detroit’s Hot 107.5 countdown and numerous show bookings. By winter 2015, Kash Doll released her first mixtape Keisha vs. Kash Doll which featured collaborations with Zaytoven, Trina, Lyrica Anderson and B.O.B. The mixtape exceeded expectations with over 600k downloads in the first two days of its release.

The 25 year old rapper gained a national audience with the release of her viral hit, “Rum Me My Money” that surpassed 2 million YouTube views. In August 2016, Kash Doll performed for Drake during his Summer 16 Tour with Future at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. She is currently working on her first studio album.

In addition to music, Kash Doll has made a concerted effort to give back. Under her foundation B.A.D. (Black American Dolls) Girls Club, Kash helps to inspire confidence and encourage young girls to believe in themselves. Through the foundation, she has sponsored 11 young women for high school prom by providing dresses, hair and makeup. She currently hosts an Annual Dinner with the Doll in Detroit that gives young women an outlet to have ‘girl talk’ in an open and non-judgmental forum.

Kash Doll is definitely on her grind and making a name for herself in this industry.

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