Kevin Gates Sentenced To 30 Months For Gun Charge

It was first assumed that rapper Kevin Gates was finally out of jail after serving some time for a conviction which found him guilty for kicking a female fan in the chest at his concert. However that presumption was  eroded after it was discovered that he was instead being transferred to another corrections facility in Illinois to face a previous gun charge. Well it now appears that this previous gun case has finally reached a verdict.

Gates appeared in an Illinois court Wednesday, pleading guilty to a felony gun possession charge. He has been sentenced to 30 months in prison.  Kevin’s attorney, Herschel Rush, spoke on the rapper’s behalf. The charges carried a maximum of 10 years in prison.  “We are very pleased with the result of 30 months,” said Rush. 

There was an arrest warrant issued for Gates when he failed to appear in court for the 2013 gun case. Seeing that the rapper has been in jail since March 30th, he mostly will have time already served, and with good behavior, it’s more than likely that he will he serve a short sentence. 

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