KimYe Is Untouchable: No Prosecution According to California Laws


Contributed by Intern Writer Courtney Crawford (@justraebae)

Looks like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian will get away with recording their “Famous” phone conversation with Taylor Swift.

According to California Law, it is illegal to record a conversation intended to be confidential without the other party’s knowledge. Yet, those terms are voided if the conversation “may be overheard.”

Taylor was well aware that others were listening in. Kanye had the whole conversation on speaker phone, in which you can hear producer Rick Rubin chiming in and members of the film crew in the background.

We are sure that Taylor is searching for more ways to be petty after her social crucifixion, provoked by Kanye’s beau, but she should stop while she’s ahead. Kim exposed America’s sweetheart in several SnapChat videos after Swift cried wolf about any knowledge of Kanye’s song.

Within it, Kanye runs the line “I think me and Taylor might still have sex,” by the “Bad Blood” singer. Taylor thought it sounded like a compliment, approved it, and even instructs him to do whatever makes the song better.

Although, we do not see Kanye vocalize the lyrics of the final product,“I made that bitch famous,” Taylor is still the girl who cried wolf. Before being exposed, she was unaware of any lyrics. Now, after the clip release, it’s only some of the lyrics that she has an actual problem with. Okay girl…

Not to mention that this is not the first time Taylor is being exposed this year. Her ex, Calvin Harris, recently had to clear the air, after Taylor made it look like he stole a song she wrote. Playing the victim again we see.


And just to think, Taylor had us all convinced when she took to the stage at the Grammy Awards, throwing shade.

Just accept it. You got KimYe’d.


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