KKK In North Carolina Tries To Recruit New Members At Local High School Football Game

A chapter of the KKK thought it would be a good idea to start their recruiting process at a local high school in North Carolina.  The hate group tried to recruit people during a football game. Parents and students who attended the game found fliers on their windshields.

via ABC 13:

“It promotes racial inequality,” said Amber Holland, who lives in Cypress Hills. “It promotes hostility, violence, and division.”

Those fliers also made their rounds into Cypress Hills, a subdivision across the street from the school.

“We threw them away,” said Brian Hicks, another Cypress Hills resident.

Hicks has two stepchildren attending the high school and those fliers go completely against what’s taught at home, he said.

“Sit down and have a little more discussion about what this world is doing right now,” said Hicks. “The divisiveness and how to counteract that, you know?”

He says the residents of Cypress Hills have a Facebook page where they talk about community issues. The flier was a huge talker.

“They’re not happy about it. Everybody just wants to get along and it seems like one thing after another this year at school that’s come up that’s pulling against everybody,” Hicks said.

Cumberland County school officials said the matter is being investigated.

“We are aware of the unapproved distribution of material on the campus of Gray’s Creek High School during the football game,” school officials said in a statement to ABC11.

ABC11 spoke to James Spears, the Great Titan of the KKK on why those fliers were distributed at the high school.

“We’re hoping to let people know here is an alternative out there,” Spears said. “Right now in America, it seems to me they’re trying to erase white culture and white heritage right out the history books. We’re letting them know there’s another side out there.”

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