Kylie Jenner Ordered For Questioning Over Tyga’s Finances



Looks like Kylie Jenner has no problem being a ride-or-die chick for bae Tyga who’s been having some financial issues.

It is reported that Ky and Ty will undergo examination regarding the rapper’s finances. This comes in connection with a $200,000 lawsuit from celebrity jeweler Jason Arasheben after Tyga failed to pay off a watch and chain in 2013.

Apparently Arashben’s lawyers are aware of the luxury items that Tyga has gifted Jenner, a massive diamond promise ring, lavish trips, multiple vehicles worth $240,000 and more. The couple will be questioned separately on the sourcing of these funds.

The inclusion of the Kardashian-Jenner family is a tactical approach and “going after the Kardashian’s is the only way he’ll get what he’s owed. Kylie is really upset about it,” a source says.

Tyga’s finances has been a trending topic for while. His recent troubles include $186,000 in unpaid rent, a  $480,285 eviction case, and the repossession of his Ferrari.

Hmm… What’s really going on here? You broke or nah?





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