L.A. Reid Exits Epic Records, Sexual Harassment Allegations Surface

There are always multiple sides to every story, even when it comes to the true reason why L.A. Reid left Sony Music. 

A co-worker, who according to The NY Post would like to remain unidentified, is coming forward with her story, which may be the reason why Reid got up out of there. 

The music industry mogul allegedly made inappropriate passes at an assistant multiple times. According to a letter sent to Sony Music’s General Counsel on March 22, the assistant alleged that L.A. Reid asked her to get in bed, give him hugs during business ventures, and commented about the way she dressed.

Sony Music made a statement on Saturday saying the former exec would in fact be leaving the company with no further elaboration and not a word about the letter. They did however emphasize the ‘culture’ they’d like to sustain at the company. 

“We are not allowing a culture like that in this company,” an insider said in a comment to The Post, “no matter how much a person brings to the bottom line.”

They could be referring to the number of talent the 60-year-old former head of Epic Records brought such as DJ Khaled, Fifth Harmony, Future, and Meghan Trainor.

Now it looks like Reid might be bringing his own talents to another label. According to The Post, a source claims that Reid reportedly has been in contact with Len Blavatnik, the boss of the Warner Brothers Label, to possibly run the label.

Between Reid’s lawyer, Joel Katz, the head of Greenberg Traurig’s global entertainment and media practice and another source, there was no comment and the letter was not ‘accurate.’ 

There’s no telling how many sides there will be to this story, especially since it’s just getting started. 


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