La La Anthony To Get Primary Custody Of 10-Year-Old Kiyan, Carmelo Gets Visitation in Temporary Agreement


La La and Kiyan Anthony

As the divorce rumors surrounding La La and Carmelo Anthony continue to swirl, there’s word that the couple has worked out a temporary custody agreement for their 10-year-old son.

TMZ reports that the famous celeb couple has agreed to let little Kiyan remain with La La in New York while Carmelo will have open visitation.

Check out the full tea from TMZ below:

Via TMZ:

“We’re told the 2 believe they can work out all the details without going to court … it being done with their lawyers.

Both Carmelo and La La agree it’s important they work out a structure for Kiyan so he’s not whipsawed from place to place while they end their marriage. We’re told La La has issues with Carmelo for sure, but she’s adamant he’s a great dad and deserves time with his son.

We’re told they are absolutely getting divorced, even though legal docs haven’t been filed … yet.”

At least things appear amicable between the two celebs. That’s definitely in the best interest of their son. Maybe La La will have another season of VH1’s ‘Full Court Life’ to spill the juicy details of this shocking divorce.


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