Lakers to Pull Out All The Stops For Kobe’s Last Game

Kobe Bryant’s final week in the NBA has unfortunately arrived. The Lakers are making sure that Kobe’s last game will be one for the books and are reportedly pulling out all the stops. 

Lakers publicist, John Black, told the LA Times that Kobe’s last game, on April 13th, will be a “zircus, a zoo and a circus. It’s absolutely unprecedented for the regular season. Is it NBA Finals levels? Yes. It might be even bigger than that.”

According to Bleacher Report, the Lakers have denied hundreds of media requests for the big game. The Lakers are also allegedly bringing out 30 of Kobe’s former teammates, including Shaquille O’ Neal. Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist, Flea, will perform the National Anthem and a special tribute video will follow.

Let me go ahead and get my Kleenex ready because I already know I’m going to be no good during Kobe’s final game. 

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