Lamar Odom Passes Out In Nightclub Due To ‘Dehydration’, Spokesperson Claims

Lamar Odom collapsed at a Los Angeles nightclub early Sunday morning as a result of dehydration, a spokesperson for the former NBA player told USA TODAY Sports on Monday morning.

Odom’s spokesperson said in a statement that the 38-year-old former NBA player, is “doing great.”

“He was dehydrated due to intense workouts earlier in the day without the intake of enough fluids,” the spokesperson said. “It was also very hot in the club. He has seen his doctors and is doing great.”

However, witnesses claim to have seen Odom partying hard including throwing back a bunch of drinks.

Courtesy TMZ Sports

Odom was at Bootsy Bellows on the Sunset Strip when several staffers and patrons noticed the ex-NBA star collapsed to the ground around 2 AM. You can see security rush in to help and he seems to be conscious.

The person who shot the video tells TMZ Sports he saw Odom drinking for several hours before the incident.

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