LaVar Ball Claps Back at LeBron James, ‘I don’t care what LeBron said’

In the next episode of ‘The Real Housewives of basketball fools,’ the UCLA point guard’s father is letting his feeling continue to be known in another interview on Wednesday afternoon. LaVar Ball spoke to ESPN’s Chris Broussard’s In The Zone podcast earlier this month and commented on how LeBron’s children were going to have their father’s shadow on their backs while playing basketball.

Ball said,

It’s going to be hard for his kids because they are going to look at them like, ‘You got to be just like your dad.” Papa James was not having that and went from 0-100 and sent a message to Ball saying“Keep my family out of your mouth. This is dad to dad. It’s a problem now.”

Ready for the next round? Ball wants to let the former NBA MVP, LeBron James know that he couldn’t care less about his feelings. Ball tells SXM College Sports,

“Apologize for what? I don’t apologize for nothing.” And of course he didn’t stop there.

Ball continued, “I don’t care what LeBron said,” he said. “He talking about he warned me. He warned me for what? What is a warning going to do? Nothing. Now, if he get a little touchy because I gave an opinion on what I felt about no superstars’ kids really being superstars and the fact that they have to live up to their parents or to their fathers or whatever. I have yet to see one, and I’ve been around for 50 years. Have you seen one where the superstar’s son is just as good or better than him? I said a superstar. I ain’t saying just a regular player. I’m talking about a guy who we picture as an icon—a Dr. J, an Allen Iverson, a LeBron James. If somebody asks me a question, I’m gonna give them an answer. Now, if you touchy, I didn’t say, ‘Oh, your kid is ugly, he can’t play a lick.’ I didn’t say none of that. I said, ‘I don’t see him being as good as LeBron.'”

Hope LeBron will let this be the end of this saga and come to his senses. Ball is using you to get more attention to himself and his brand. Ball is the type of person that doesn’t care about who you are or what you can do, it’s all about him and his money. LeBron has way more issues to worry about than a has-been that is living through his sons while begging to get into the league. This is so pathetic. As I stated before, shut your mouth and let your son’s work on the court speak for itself. Your hurting your sons look.

Photos from left: Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images, Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

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