London Terrorist Attack Near Parliament Leaves Four Victims Dead, 40 Injured

In a horrific terrorist attack, four people, including a police officer, were killed and about 40 others were wounded at Britain’s Parliament, sending people fleeing from the scene just before police shot and killed the attacker.

For several hours, police said the attacker had killed three people. However, acting Deputy Metropolitan Police Commissioner Mark Rowley said Wednesday night that a fourth victim had later died.

The victims included London Metropolitan Police Constable Keith Palmer, 48, a 15-year veteran who was a husband and a father, Rowley said. Palmer was stabbed at the House of Commons and died despite the efforts of doctors and a passing government minister to save him.

According to NBC NEWS, the attacker, who was armed with a knife, struck pedestrians on London’s Westminster Bridge later crashed near Parliament and proceeded to enter the building, stabbing and killing a police officer just before he was shot and killed by police.

About 40 people were treated for injuries, some of them serious. At least two officers were seriously wounded.

Police claim the attack, which came on the first anniversary of the Brussels terrorist attacks, was terrorism. The prime minister and London’s mayor vowed that Britons would not be ‘intimidated’. U.S.  President Donald Trump promised full assistance to Britain.

The name of the assailant, who is thought to have been acting alone, has yet to be released.

Prime Minister Theresa May, called the attacker a “sick and depraved terrorist” and said, “the location of this attack was no accident.”


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