Love and RealiTea Advice: Two Sisters One Guy

Hi Tha CelebriTea,

Ya’ll answer relationship questions and this one is about me and my sister. I’m in 10th grade and she’s in 12th. I’ve liked this older guy, he’s in her grade, since I was in middle school. He plays basketball and I’m a cheerleader so we are around each other often. I’m pretty smart so I’m in advanced classes so this past school year we were in the same science class and I got to be his lab partner. We would flirt back and forth but he never actually asked me out. Anyway my sister and I have always been close, she’s my best friend. Well there is this tradition in our town where the rising seniors take a camping trip over the summer. The seniors do all kinds of activities and games and normally pair up.The guy that I like asked my sister to be her partner and we all know what that means. I just don’t get how she could betray me like that, she knows how I feel about him. What should I do? Cause I really want to rub poison ivy on her ass so she can’t go!

Help me!


I’m sorry to hear that your sister has hijacked your crush. Maybe she said yes just to be nice, or maybe she will just talk you up to him. Who knows that the outcome will be, you never actually said whether or not your sister liked him. While your sister knowing your feelings towards the situation and not doing anything to help isn’t right, neither is you trying to get back at her. Your feelings for him should not trump your relationship with your sister. Use the time that she is away to forgive her and have fun during the summer. You don’t get these years back so enjoy them while they last!

With love

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