Love and RealiTea: Thirsty Thursday

Hey ya’ll I have a STORY for you,

I know your normally do advice but I don’t need advice I just need to get this off my chest! So I’m 42 but don’t look a day over 30, my daughter is 25, and people think we are sisters all the time. I had her kind of young so in a way we grew up together. So point blank I’m sleeping with her husband. I know it’s horrible, but d**k is BOMB. They have been married for about 3 years and they were high school sweethearts, I’ve known him since he was a young man, and now he’s a GROWN ass man. He’s super fine and intellectual, he was always well mannered and I thought well-behaved, but now I know he’s just a man.

It started when we were all on vacation. Me, my daughter and her husband, and a few family friends all rented a house down in Florida for a week, there were 7 of us. There were enough bedrooms for everyone and every couple to have their own room. It ended up that my room was next to my daughter’s. The whole trip was fun in the sun, laughing, and a whole lot of liquor. One night everyone was drinking HEAVY, playing spades and blasting music. I went upstairs first cause I was tired from being at the beach all day. I think my son-in-law had a bit too much to drink cause next thing I know I hear pants dropping and him climbing in the bed. He started rubbing on me and saying my daughter’s name and I that’s when I realized he was in the wrong room.

My daughter and I have the same body type, we are able to share clothes. Like I said I don’t like a day over 30! This man did things to me I never experienced, I knew to keep quiet though so nobody walked in! Right before he climaxed I whispered in his ear who I was. He responded with “I thought it felt tighter” (that’s what kegals will do for you). After we finished he kept apologizing and I let him know there was nothing to be sorry about. He wouldn’t look me in the eye the last few days of our trip. A week after we got back home he came over to talk and agreed not to tell my daughter, one thing lead to another and we made it as far as the kitchen counter. Now he blows my back out weekly and helps me fix stuff around the house so my daughter never gets suspicious. Do I feel bad? Some days, but mama needs lovin too. I’ll help him find his way back home once I get bored.


Sexy mama

3 thoughts on “Love and RealiTea: Thirsty Thursday

  1. What!? You’re not a Mother, you’re a loser. Find your own man to blow your pipes and get bored with..trick

  2. Thats just all wrong. There is plenty of men out there, why go for your daughters husband. Imagine once she finds out she will be crushed. As her mother you should of stopped him right when you knew what he was about to do. You took advantage of him because he was drunk and didnt know who he was getting into bed with. Thats some shady ass shit! Family don’t cross each other LOYALTY 1st on top!!

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