Love and RealiTea: Tired of Being The Side N*gga

HEEEEY CelebriTea,

I need some advice cause I’m about ready to just give up in general and go be a damn nun! Anyway I’m dating this guy and we’ve been dating for a min (like 3 years) and even though I call him “mine” he’s really ours… Lemme explain. See he considers himself bi but they way he does what he does lets me know he on my team way more than he is hers! Thing is I’m the first guy he has ever been serious with, every other guy has just been a quick pound, and then he’s on his way. We met on a “casual encounters” site and he LOVES to throw that in my face when I ask him for something deeper (relationship not sex hehe). See when we met it was supposed to be a fling but we fell for each other off the rip and been kickin it ever since. He’s kind, funny, considerate, and send the BEST gifts my way. HE GOT MONAYYYY. He says that he loves me but he won’t fully commit. The broad he’s with he’s been seeing about 2.5 years, he met her right after me. And of course she don’t know he swing this way. Sometimes we talk about how he sees a future with me. We pick out dream houses, talk about vacations on the beach, and even kids. I been down for him since day 1, secrets and all! How do I nail him and get the ring I KNOW I deserve???!!!!


Tired of being the side nigga


Dear Tired,

Like Rihanna said “we all want love” but honey he is showing you all talk and no action. While no one is doubting his love for you, it sounds as if he using gifts to appease you. Sometimes people are more concerned about what people think of them, instead of living life for their own happiness. Don’t let anyone devalue you, you are worth being someone one and ONLY. Don’t be someone’s mashed potatoes, when you could be someone else’s four course meal! Have a conversation with him and let him know that you mean business when it comes to being in a serious committed relationship. Have a date in your mind to where he needs to make a decision, but don’t let him know of this date or it sounds like a ultimatum. You deserve to be a choice not an option. If he decides to be true to you and commit then be happy together, but if he remains undecided, then ultimately he has made a decision. If that is the case, move on and find someone worthy of you. MONAYYY doesn’t keep your heart happy.

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