Love Discussions: Would You Have Sex With A Handsome Guy?

Alright, to our many female readers and followers, I need some help. As one of the few heterosexual male writers on staff, I consider myself lucky to have an audience and market such as y’all to get some feedback and advice from.

So, I was having a discussion with a series of  female friends throughout this past week, and it revolved around the word “handsome.” I’ve been beginning to wonder what “handsome” meant when it came to a woman’s description on a guy’s level of attractiveness. Now, how is it interpreted by you, the female?

Handsome, in my mind, doesn’t necessarily scream “I’m trying to smash.” What goes through your mind when a guy strike you as handsome, rather versus sexy, cute, or “fine as hell.” Because to be honest when I hear handsome now, I start to think you’re describing a guy to be like some kind of boring safe real estate agent; saying handsome in an endearing way as if the guy is like a little brother or second cousin. Are they are any differences between handsome, sexy, cute, or even “zamn daddy” or am I just tripping?  

Let me know what y’all think in the comments below!

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