Ludacris Wins Big In Court Regarding Social Media of His Child

Rapper and actor Ludacris scored a huge victory in court as the judge has granted the rapper the final say in regards to what the mother of his 3-year-old child, Tamika Fuller, is and is not allowed to post on social media.

According to TMZ,

“In docs filed Wednesday in the rapper’s child custody case with Tamika Fuller … the judge said Luda can force Fuller to remove any pics of their daughter she might post, if he doesn’t approve. The judge also ruled neither parent can use the kid in interviews, articles or for GoFundMe pages.

Luda’s also the official decision maker now when it comes to his daughter’s school, doctor and religious upbringing.

Luda and Tamika have been locked in this nasty custody battle for years. Tamika even got Child Protective Services involved, at one point.”

In my closing opinion, in the case of Luda’s situation pertaining to all his children; he’s always been a private and great father. So, I believe whatever he believes is best for his child is what should go down.

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