Man Arrested At JFK Airport After Trying To Smuggle 5 Pounds Of Cocaine Taped To His Legs

Drug trafficking across  American borders has always been an issue, especially among travel through airports. It’s not unknown for some criminals to slip through the cracks.

Mayobanex Ruiz Gomez’ journey ended shortly after his arrival to JFK when he basically snitched on himself  by “exhibiting numerous signs of nervousness” while TSA examined his suitcase. Gomez thought he could smuggle drugs from the Dominican Republic into JFK airport by strapping five pounds of cocaine, worth $83K on the street, around his legs.

Clearly, his plan didn’t work.

According to LoveBScott, Gomez’ arrest on federal smuggling charges comes less than two weeks after another man traveling from Santo Domingo was arrested for drugs “bursting out of his pants.”

Agents say that Juan Carlos Galan Luperon, a 28-year-old from Manhattan, had strapped 10 pounds of cocaine to his legs when he was arrested on March 4.

However, CBP officials do not believe the busts are connected.

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