Man Arrested For Manslaughter After Killing Former NFL Player Joe Mcknight In Road Rage Incident

Ronald Gasser, the man who shot and killed former NFL running back Joe Mcknight in a road rage incident, has been arrested for manslaughter.

After initially being released without charges, Ronald Gasser is now being held without bond.
Ronald admitted to shooting Joe three times on December 1st. 

Not only did Ronald shoot and kill a man, but he also pulled his weapon on a Naval officer shortly after killing Joe.

According to TMZ,

Sheriff Newell Normand says they believe after Gasser shot McKnight following a verbal altercation — he got out of the car to see McKnight’s body … and was approached by a military officer.

The Naval officer told Gasser to put his gun away because it was not in his best interest to shoot a Naval officer. 

The Naval officer and cops then tried to help McKnight — but it was too late. 

Sheriff Normand says Gasser has insisted he was fearing for his life — and that’s why he pulled his weapon during the altercation.”

The police interviewed Ronald Gasser for more than 10 hours and spoke with more than 160 witnesses in the case. However, the sheriff says … “Suffice it to say that obviously, a lot of the independent witnesses have provided information that doesn’t completely square up with Mr. Gasser’s statement.”

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