Man Breaks Into Amber Rose’s Home & Chills For 4 Hours!

Amber Rose becomes another celeb that you can add to the list of recent home break-ins, but her experience is slightly more peculiar.

Sources at TMZ say a man entered the house by breaking a kitchen window in Rose’s San Fernando Valley home Wednesday morning.

The trespasser then proceeded to make his way through the pantry and straight up chilled for approximately four hours while Rose, her mother, son, assistant, and bodyguards were all asleep.

Muva’s assistant even woke up to make a bite to eat while the culprit was allegedly still hiding in the house.

However, Muva wasn’t even aware someone had broken in until she discovered the damage from the window, then watched surveillance footage of the breaking and entering.

Although the culprit broke in and ran like he stole something, he didn’t actually steal a thing.

Cops were still called to investigate the scene.

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