Man Convicted of Stalking Mila Kunis Escapes Mental Facility


After being confined to a mental health facility for pleading no contest to stalking actress Mila Kunis in January 2013, Stuart Lynn Dunn made an unauthorized departure from the facility, in other words: he escaped. The facility, Olive Vista Behavioral Health Center in Pomona, is a community less than 30 miles east of Los Angeles. Los Angeles County Deputy Chief Probation Officer Reaver Bingham stated Dunn was supposed to be taking a shower when he broke out of the facility. Police dogs were used to search for his scent in an unsuccessful attempt to catch him quickly after his escape.Stuart Lynn Dunn

“Anytime you have a case like this where someone is obsessed with a particular individual we don’t know what they are capable of, so we are treating it as if he is dangerous,” Bingham said.

Dunn was arrested twice in 2012 after trying to contact Kunis. His first arrest came in February 2012 when he was found living in an unoccupied condo that the actress owned. Kunis got a restraining order against Dunn, which didn’t deter him from attempting to get in touch with her. He was arrested again in May, which is when prosecutors charged him with stalking and violating a restraining order. He pled no contest and was sentenced to six months in a live-in rehabilitation program.

Dunn has yet to be found but according to the Times, Kunis has been made aware of Dunn’s escape.

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