Man Forcibly Dragged Off Overbooked United Airlines Flight

Video has surfaced of a man on a United Airlines being forcibly removed by law enforcement after refusing to give up his seat.

The incident occurred on Sunday when the airline asked for volunteers to give up their seats on an overbooked flight from Chicago to Louisville. Passengers aboard the flight caught the entire ordeal and shared the video on social media. 

United Airlines released a statement, “After our team looked for volunteers, one customer refused to leave the aircraft voluntarily and law enforcement was asked to come to the gate.”

via NY Daily News:

According to the Courier-Journal, the man said he was a doctor on his way from Chicago’s O’Hare International to see patients in Louisville at a hospital the next morning.

Passengers were reportedly offered as much as $800 and a hotel stay to give up their seats to United employees who need to be in Louisville Monday for a flight. 

When no one budged, it was announced that passengers would be randomly selected for removal. 

According to Audra Bridges, a passenger on the flight, three security officers approached the man before tearing him out of his seat, his head connecting with an armrest before they would drag him down the aisle in front of screaming passengers.

“Everyone was shocked and appalled,” said Bridges. “There were several children on the flight as well that were very upset.”

The man, disoriented and bleeding, was apparently allowed back on the plane and received medical attention. The entire flight had to then exit back into the terminal so officials could “tidy up.”

The incident comes two weeks after a social media firestorm in response to the airline barring two girls from a flight because they were wearing leggings.

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