Man Who Killed Former Saints Player Will Smith Sentenced To 25 Years

Written by Intern || @micahkimberley 

The man who shot and killed Saints defensive end Will Smith has received a 25-year prison sentence.

According to the Associated Press, the prosecution was initially hoping for a mandatory life sentence for second-degree murder, but Cardell Hayes received a different fate this Thursday.

Hayes will also serve 15-years concurrently for the wounding of Smith’s wife, Racquel, during the traffic dispute that occurred last April in New Orleans.

“The district attorney and the Smith family are disappointed with the sentence,” said prosecutor Christopher Bowman.

The 29-year-old who shot the Saints star claimed self-defense and apologized for the Smith family’s “loss” on Thursday. He also expressed to Smith’s widowed wife that he wished the event had not taken place.

The time Hayes served from the start of his imprisonment will be credited in his sentence.

Thoughts and prayers to Smith’s family and friends.

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