Married Colombian Teacher Threatened To Fail Her Students If They Did Not Have Sex W/ Her

Now I know the title of this story sounds a lot like the plot of a dramatic thriller; like this can’t be real, right? Unfortunately…it is.

40-year-old Yokasta M was a married high school teacher in Medellin, Colombia who grossly abused her position and power to coerce a pair of students into having sex with her. She constantly threatened to fail them if they refused.

Yokasta groomed two of her students, 16 and 17, to basically be her sex slaves, leveraging their futures over their head as a form of manipulation and control. The incidents took place between January and April 2016. She obtained their phone numbers in class, claiming it was to extend her teaching services and ‘help with their studies’. She would then use WhatsApp messenger and send explicit images and proposals to them. Inviting them over to her apartment, she would force them to perform sexual acts with her, threatening to fail them if they refused. 

The predator’s cover was finally blown after one of the teenager’s parents found the inappropriate text and sext messages on his son’s phones. The huge collection of images were captioned: ‘This is the teacher Yokasta, who tells us that she disapproves of us if we do not have relations with her. ‘

Not only has her husband filed for divorce, she’s also facing 40 years in prison as well.

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