Mel B Ordered To Pay $40,000 In Spousal Support Until Finalized Divorce Settlement

Cheaper to keep…him? It may have been in Mel B’s current divorce situation. The former Spice Girl has been ordered to cut a pretty hefty check for her ex Stephen Belafonte in monthly spousal support. 

Sources at TMZ say,  the judge approved Stephen’s request for “emergency” support amounting in $40,000 a month for his phone, food, and housing needs. 

Apparently Mel’s getting off fairly easy. She could have been paying an additional $15,000 each month based on those big checks she’s bringing in plus expenses, according to court documents. 

The judge didn’t agree upon those terms and decided to cut her some slack in that regard.

But, not too much. Stephen’s legal fees, which added up to a single payment of $140,000, was tacked on top of the monthly payment of $40,000.

Luckily for Mel, this will only last until the two finalize their divorce settlement. 

From a decade long marriage with your husband to paying him $40,000 in spousal support—forget the thought of keeping him, Mel should have never caught him in the first place. 

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