Mental Health Is Important: Man From Florida Shoots & Kills His Mom’s Friend For Flirting With His Imaginary Girlfriend

On one hand, I’d say it’s time to throw the whole state of Florida away. However, on the other, let this story be a reminder of how important mental health is. A man from Florida is now dead after shooting and killing his mother’s friend. He killed his mom’s friend because he thought the man was flirting with his girlfriend – who doesn’t exist.

via NYDN:

Brian Desario, 30, was killed by police officers Thursday afternoon following a gun battle in the middle of the street in a Port Richey neighborhood.

Sheriff Chris Nocco said in a press conference that before deputies arrived on the scene, Desario had fatally shot his mother’s male friend.

According to Nocco, Desario walked into the garage of a Port Richey home where his mother, her boyfriend, and 56-year-old David Armstrong were located and accused Armstrong of flirting with his girlfriend.


He then shot Armstrong, went inside the home and came back out to shoot Armstrong again. Police said Armstrong was pronounced dead at the scene.

Nocco said Desario suffered from mental illness and did not have a girlfriend.

“The suspect believed that the mom’s friend; who is the victim, in this case, was trying to pick up Brian’s girlfriend and hit on Brian’s girlfriend,” Nocco said. “Please note, Brian does not have a girlfriend. In his mind he did. But, in reality he didn’t.”

Police said the mother and boyfriend fled the home after the shooting and called the police. Desario walked out into the middle of the street and pointed a rifle towards Gulf Highlands Elementary School, which was about a block and a half away from the home.

Authorities said Desario started walking towards the building, and the school was immediately placed on lockdown.

When officers arrived, Desario opened fire and a shootout ensued. He was killed during the battle.

Police said Desario had a stockpile of guns and ammo and they are investigating to determine where he got the weapons.

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