Michael B. Jordan And Ryan Coogler To Collab In New Film About Atlanta’s Public School Cheating Scandal

Looks like Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler will be working alongside in film once again.

According to recent news, the actor and producer  will be participating in a new movie called ‘Wrong Answer’ adapted from Rachel Aviv’s 2014 New Yorker story with the same title.

As Coogler is set to direct the new film, Jordan will role play a math teacher during Atlanta’s infamous public school cheating scandal in 2008.

Variety reports, “Jordan will portray teacher Damany Lewis, who joined the effort in order to prevent his school from shutting down under provisions of the No Child Left Behind law. Eleven teachers were indicted on racketeering allegations.”

In case you didn’t know, Jordan and Coogler have worked together previously on several notable films, including “Fruitvale Station” and  “Creed.”  The upcoming film “Black Panther” is another piece involving the duo set to hit the screen February 2018.

Are you here for another Jordan and Coogler collab?

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