Michel’le’s ‘Surviving Compton’ Kills TV Ratings With 9 Million Viewers

There are thousands of fans right now threatening to boycott rapper Dr. Dre’s Beats headphones and here’s why…

It is reported that Michel’le just premiered her Lifetime biopic “Surviving Compton,” receiving an overwhelming 2 million+ viewers, and total weekend views of 9 million! The retelling of her journey features insight into her career, life, love, and more prominently, her survival of abuse by Dre and producer Suge Knight, allegedly.

While the hip-hop recording artist bravely narrated her story to uplift and inspire, fans couldn’t help but be shocked at the graphic nature of the film. One of which a scene shows ‘Dre’ attacking the performer while she slept. Ironically, after the film concluded, an ad announcing the new Beats headphones was featured. Hmm… we see what you did there.

Although Dre and Suge are threatening to press charges for the way Michel’le is throwing dirt on their names, she is unafraid. Not only did NWA not mention her in their hit film, “Straight Outta Compton”, but they also failed to note that while the two rappers were locked up, she was the one handling business.

And some things never change as she is still handling her business, and this time in the office of Oprah according to Instagram.




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