Mike Epps Arrested After Attacking Man During NBA All-Star Weekend

Over the NBA All-Star weekend, Mike Epps was arrested alongside another man for allegedly attacking a tourist at Harrah’s Casino on Saturday.

Mike Epps, 46, and Thomas Cobb, 52, were reportedly “involved in a physical altercation” where they “struck” a tourist visiting New Orleans from Virginia for the NBA All-Star game. Both men were booked on multiple counts of battery.

According to the Advocate.com, the alleged victim, who asked not to be identified, said in a telephone interview that he was heading to the cash-out area of the casino about 4 a.m. when he passed Epps and his entourage.

“We kind of met right there in the middle and I recognized him,” the man said. “I said ‘Oh, Mike Epps!’”

“The next thing I know, he started hitting me in the face, unprovoked,” the man said. “I had a handful of chips, so I just basically bent down to protect myself, and then my friends ran over and got in front of me, and then security got there.”

Although the casino security allowed Epps and his group to leave, police were informed of the incident. Police did not arrive at the casino to take a report for more than three hours, the Virginia man said.

He was forced to miss the Saturday morning all-star practice session because of his injuries, which he described as “significant,” citing that his face was bruised and bleeding after the incident. “My face is still swollen right now and it was blackened shut,” the unnamed man said.

The alleged victim also reported that he was unaware that Epps had been arrested. “It’s a relief, because I thought he got away.”

Epps and Cobb were released on $1,000 bail each. Court records show that both failed to appear for an arraignment in Municipal Court on Tuesday. An attachment was written for Epps’ arrest with a bond set at $2,500.

Damn, Mike. You’re way too old for this.

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