Missing Mississippi Boy Behind Amber Alert Found Shot To Death In Stolen Car

This is tragic news…

According to WTLX19, a missing 6-year-old Mississippi boy who triggered an Amber Alert had been discovered dead. Kingston Frazier was found dead in Madison County Thursday from a gunshot wound in the backseat of a stolen vehicle.

An  Amber Alert was issued for Kingston after the running Camry he was sitting in was stolen from a grocery store parking lot as his mother shopped inside.

Police report that two men in a Honda Civic pulled up to the car and one passenger jumped into the Camry where Kingston was reportedly sleeping in the backseat. Then, both vehicles left the parking lot.

According to authorities, Dwan Wakefield has been placed in custody in connection to the child’s death and abduction. Police are actively searching for another suspect, DeAllen Washington.


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