Mother of Lil Boosie’s Child Says He Won’t Return Daughter, Takes Legal Action

The mother of Boosie’s child recently lost the custody battle of their 9-year-old daughter, Toriana Hatch, after the judge recently tossed out a case she initiated. 

After claiming the rapper would not return Toriana, Rachel Wagner took urgent legal action to allegedly get her daughter back on May 12, according to The Jasmine Brand. 

In court documents, Wagner accuses Boosie also known as, Torrence Hatch, of  ‘illegally detaining’ the minor in addition to not allowing custody. 

However, Wagner failed to show up for court to serve him with legal documents resulting in a complete throwaway case. 

What makes matters even worse is that under the law, Hatch is not the child’s legal father because they never made a trip to the court to legitimize her. 

On the other hand, during Boosie’s first degree murder trial, Wagner was called on by prosecutors acknowledging her as the mother of the rapper’s daughter who was five-years-old at the time, sources at The Jasmine Brand say. 

Sounds messy. 



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