N. Korea Fires Ballistic Missile; Trump States U.S. ‘Will Take Care Of It’

With the oversized egos of both Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un heading for a crash collision,  many nations around the world are cautiously holding their breath in fear of possible and imminent conflict. North Korea has fired its longest intercontinental ballistic missile, breaking its  10 weeks lull between missile test launches. The country is once again showing a force of cautionary aggression towards the US as a means of intimidation.

This latest missile flew at a high trajectory of 600 miles. At flat trajectory, the missile would have had a range of 8,100 miles. According to calculations by David Wright, an expert at the Union of Concerned Scientists, that would make the missile capable of reaching Washington, D.C. The missile launched from Sain Ni, near the capital of Pyongyang and touched down into the Sea of Japan, also landing inside Japan’s Economic Exclusion Zone. 

Following the developments of the launch, President Trump told reporters that the U.S. “will take care of it. … It is a situation that we will handle.” Trump was briefed while the missile was in the air. The State Department said that it would be launching an international effort to put pressure on N. Korea. 

Spokeswoman Heather Nauert said in a statement that the joint U.S.-Canada effort would include 16 countries.

 “We have always been very clear that we would be open to talks with North Korea. But North Korea is not showing it is willing to sit down and talk,” she said. 

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) determined the missile was not a threat to North America or U.S. territories. However, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis did say that the missile went higher than any previous test.

South Korea responded with a missile launch of its own, a series of shorter-range missile tests to mimic the North Korea launch.

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