NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Signs Contract Extension With NFL; Said To Be Worth $200 Million Over 5 Years

Despite the tumultous season involving divisive political rhetoric, rightful protests, and drops in TV ratings, the NFL believes that Roger Goodell is doing a good job. Goodell just signed a contract extention to continue his job as commissioner of the league, depsite Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones efforts to stop the deal. 

The extension is said to be worth $200 million over the next five years, assuming the league reaches it’s financial goals. A newsletter from the league’s compensation committee was sent out stating that Goodell and Arthur Blank, owner of the Atlanta Falcons, have signed the contract. Blank, who is the head of the negotiating commitee, signed on the behalf of the League’s entites.

‘We are pleased to report that there is a nearly unanimous consensus among the ownership in favor of signing the contract extension now. It goes on to say that the committee hopes the deal helps ‘to avoid further controversy surrounding this issue.’ 

The six-member committee consisted of Blank, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, Houston Texans owner Bob McNair, Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt, New York Giants co-owner John Mara, and Pittsburgh Steelers owner Art Rooney II. 

Goodell previously earned over $40 million a year depending on how many incentives the league achieved in any given season. For intance in 2013 Goodell made $44 million, but that salary dropped to $34 million in 2014.

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