Nick Cannon Sued For $1.7 Million Over Mobile App

Nick Cannon is being sued for $1.7M over claims that he stole the idea for his Ncredible mobile app. 

Enrico Taylor, alleges that he and Cannon met in early 2015 where a discussion took place regarding his digital talent search company I Discover Stars.  Taylor claims he told Cannon that he had teamed with Cash Money co-founder Birdman to run a digital talent search for Cash Money Records. 

According to TMZ, Taylor says Cannon thought it was a great idea because of his increasing disinterest in America’s Got Talent. Taylor claims after that conversation, he never heard back from Cannon, and 5 months later… Cannon released “N’credible.” Taylor’s lawsuit notes Cannon’s social media solicit to talent to submit their videos was similar to the one Birdman did in 2014.

“He literally ripped my idea so it looks like I’m ripping his,” Taylor alleged. “I never thought he would steal from me, so that hurt… I can’t sit back and allow this to happen so that’s why I’m suing him. I couldn’t get contact with him any other way. Now you have no choice, see me in court.”

Taylor is suing for damages of $1.75 million, according to the site.

Birdman and I Discover Stars vs Nick Cannon’s N’Credible vs . Does Taylor have a case?


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