Nike Launches New Performance Hijab For Female Muslim Athletes

Nike is definitely catering to all athletes around the world, especially the ladies.

After launching its first plus-size sportswear range for women earlier this month, Nike is getting ready to release the new Pro Hijab designed for Muslim female athletes.

“The Nike Pro Hijab may have been more than a year in the making, but its impetus can be traced much further back, to an ongoing cultural shift that has seen more women than ever embracing sport,” a statement from Nike read.

Global Nike Spokeswoman Megan Saalfeld says “the Nike Pro Hijab was designed as a direct result of our athletes telling us they needed this product to perform better, and we hope that it will help athletes around the world do just that.”

The concept of launching an athletic hijab came from female Emirati Olympic weightlifting athlete Amna Al Haddad. Amna complained that she only had one hijab that worked for her, and that she had to wash it by-hand each night in the sink during competitions.

The new accessory aims to be a “lightweight and breathable solution” that stays in place during movement.The garments feature an elongated back so that the tops do not become untucked during competition.

According to, the head garments are already being tested out by pro figure skater Zahra Lari of the United Arab Emirates. Lari issued the following statement about the prototype, stating that Nike’s new accessory supersedes all similar products she’s tried in the past.

“I was thrilled and a bit emotional to see Nike prototyping a Hijab,” Lari said in a statement. “I’ve tried so many different hijabs for performance, and … so few of them actually work for me. But once I put it on and took it for a spin on the ice, I was blown away by the fit and the light weight.”

Nike released the official unveiling of the Pro Hijab in a controversial ad in the Middle East aimed at women pursuing their athletic dreams. Check out the ad below:

The reaction to the gear has been mixed, with some Muslim women questioning the placement of the omnipresent swoosh on the headgear.


The Nike Pro Hijab is set for release in spring 2018.

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